Eat Stop Eat Book Review – The Secret to Weight Loss Success?


Losing weight is tough, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. The main thing is to have a proper method and an effective regimen.

One of the most popular and preferred methods is intermittent fasting, which is covered in the Eat Stop Eat book. However, does this book bring you any value? The secrets will be revealed in the following installments.

What Is the Eat Stop Eat Book?

In recent years, the Eat Stop Eat weight loss regimen has become more and more well-known. The approach is based on the idea of intermittent fasting, which is a way of eating in which you eat and don’t eat at different times.

Fitness and nutrition specialist Brad Pilon developed this program. The plan was made to be easy to understand and work for people of all fitness levels.

This program makes fasting a lifestyle choice that will quicken your fat-burning and metabolism processes. It is simple to comprehend and put into practice.

There is no question that intermittent fasting could boost metabolism and promote fat loss. It has been proven that the strategy aids in weight loss and weight maintenance.

What Will You Get from This Book?

Clear And Applicable Information

This book works great since it is really simple and useful. You may learn all there is to know about intermittent fasting and how to use it to lose a lot of weight by reading the Eat Stop Eat book. You also have nothing to lose because there is a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the book.

Let’s assume that 2,000 calories per day make up your usual, satisfying diet. That suggests that you consume 14,000 calories each week.

To lose weight with a typical diet plan, you would need to cut 500 calories from what you eat every day. That equals 10,500 calories each week.

You can still use the strategy from the book and eat 2,000 calories twice a week while fasting for 24 hours. Compared to before, you lose more weight.

14,000 calories (7 days) minus 10,000 calories (5 days) = 4,000 calories saved for two 24-hour fasts each week.

Get More Human Growth Hormones

With this technique, you also produce more HGH (human growth hormone). This supplement helps you gain muscle mass and lose weight, and it also slows down the aging process.

You already know that there are no books that guarantee instant success or magical results. The ability to not stimulate your digestive system is essential for successful intermittent fasting.


  • The book is grounded in trustworthy human research that involved excellent investigations and no selective data collection.
  • Pilon is an expert in dispelling falsehoods and debunking marketing gimmicks.
  • Even though it is founded on science, anyone who isn’t a nutritionist, or a doctor will find it quite simple to read and understand.
  • The book offers a whole chapter on how foods affect testosterone levels, which is crucial knowledge for men to acquire.
  • The information is not limited to nutrition-related topics; exceptionally solid chapters regarding Lifestyles, hormones, and exercise are also included.


  • A bit too much attention is paid to 24-hour weekly fasts and not enough to other beneficial intermittent fasting patterns (For example, 16:8 or 20:4)
  • Compared to a few years ago, the book’s sales copy is slightly corny (albeit it does not affect the PDF’s quality).
  • Affecting the body’s composition significantly (not on weight loss process)

Is It Legit?

We can attest that this program is legitimate. A recognized diet and fitness expert created this weight-loss program. Its money-back guarantee reveals the creator’s confidence in the results it can provide.

This program is a great option to reduce your weight and get healthier. It is ideal for all fitness levels and is simple to follow.


Eat Stop Eat is not a rip-off! It is real, and it has useful and useful information that will help you lose weight a lot. The book does not leave much vague information but has rules and is very scientific.

Nowadays, numerous fake websites swindle money or steal information. To reduce risks, please check it out on the official website.

Eat Stop Eat -Intermittent Fasting for Health and Weight Loss!

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